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What does the idiom wore a poker face mean - answers.com What does the idiom wore a poker face mean? This means when someone is telling to anther one that you are like the poker face What does the idiom poker face mean? it is a song but then a poker ... What does 'Poker face' mean? - Idiom Definition ... What does the idiom 'Poker face' mean? Discover the definition of 'Poker face' in our extensive dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions. poker face in a sentence - how to use ... - eng.ichacha.net

Swoopes wore a poker face to deprive the enemy of emotional feedback. Bruno has studiously maintained a poker face when confronted with the issue. Johnson, poker faced , sentenced the black men to 30 minutes in custody.

He wasn’t much of a gambler himself, but he became, in the idiom of the trade, “a square craps fader,” square meaning honest and fader being the one who covers the crapshooter’s bet. Procession of the Black Sloth — They Who Dwell In The Cracks “a novella about a security consultant sent to Hong Kong to hunt down a corporate spy. The protagonist takes residence in a compound reserved for foreign nationals — an old, decaying structure that is inhabited by an insidious cult.

Главная› Идиомы. have a poker face. иметь бесстрастное, ничего не выражающее лицо.

Idioms and expressions | Lang-8: For learning foreign… Hi,every one^^ I wrote sentences with idioms of "Porker game". So I hope some of you could check and correct them. Here are the idioms which were combined with my sentences. ace in the hole stack the deck deeling off the bottom the cards are stacked against you a poker face bluffing hold. Idioms in Music: Lady Gaga Lyrics Explained - Online Editing…

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Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 1-3 Idioms Flashcards ... Vocabulary Workshop Level B Unit 1-3 Idioms. Idioms. STUDY. PLAY. ... wore a poker face. A face lacking any interpretable expression. get carried away. ... Vocab Unit 5 More Completing the Sentence. 20 terms. Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop - Level B - Unit 3 - Sentences. Features. Quizlet Live. Poker Face | Definition of Poker Face by Merriam-Webster Poker face definition is - an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a person's thoughts or feelings; especially : one used stratetically during a poker game. How to use poker face in a sentence. What Does Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Mean? - Writing ... Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve Meaning. Definition: To show your emotions and feelings. Origin of Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve. This phrase comes from an old custom where a woman ties her favor to a man’s sleeve. The man wearing this favor on his sleeve was a signal of their love for each other. What is another word for poker face - WordHippo

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Poker Face? – 6 Idioms with Poker Connections | English with… Here are 6 more idioms with poker connections. 1.“The Cold War made everyone fear a political showdown.”The term ‘showdown’ is often used to describe a moment of truth in which two or more people will face each other in a final confrontation. POKER FACE in a sentence | Usage examples Sentences with phrase «poker face».Apparently, director Jon Amiel doesn't have a very good poker face, but The Core's willful silliness makes for compulsively watchableOn the same exact road, the Golf wears a stony, unflappable poker face while the Focus roared and screeched in delight. poker faced | English examples in context | Ludwig High quality example sentences with “poker faced” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English.Idiom.Someone with a poker face doesn't show any emotion or reaction so that people don't know what they are feeling. Poker face in russian translate, example sentences in…